The Fados Dolmen, at Pépieux

The Dolman des fados at Pépieux The sign erected
 by the town of Pépieux at the Dolman des Fados

Megalithic tomb constructed more than 5000 years ago close-by the village of Pépieux in the Aude department.Dolmen :prehistoric megalithic sepulchre formed by a large unhewn stone resting on two or more unhewn uprights. [Breton, tol, table; men, stone.] Fados :probably Occitan for Fairies. [Fades in Catalan.]
This monument is the largest " corridor " type dolmen tomb in the Midi region of France, it consists of a Megalithic gallery twenty four metres long, divided into three sections.

A corridor of twelve metres, built of pillars and dry stone walling.

An antechamber, six metres long with a huge stone table for a roof, estimated to be between nine and ten tonnes in weight.

A final cell, separated by a thick stone slab.

Also known by the following names:
Le dolmen Lo Morrel dos Fados
Morrèl de las Fadas - (côteau des Fées)
Dolmen de las Fadas

It was built around 3,500 years BC by a people called the " Véraza "
The fairies Dolmen at Pépieux


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